A Prompt from Ally

Today we have a prompt from Ally at Novel Ideas. I’m going to use Aura Birkenstock, the MC from Next Full Moon.

Write about a special moment in your characters life, their fondest memory. What ever it is they turn to when they are in the worst of things.

The cabin in the woods wasn’t large. There was just enough room for my bare cot on one side and the old man’s on the other, with his giant cabinet of weapons creating a wall between the two areas. There was no kitchen or bathroom – besides sleeping and arming ourselves, we did nothing inside the cabin.

But on the rare occasions when the old man was gone, either to bring back a shackled vampire for training or get supplies, I’d lie on my cot with Gotcha and just stare up at the ceiling.

There were a million things etched in the rough hewn logs: stars, Celtic knots, Asian symbols, Egyptian hieroglyphs, Sumerian pictographs, Greek letters, crosses, diamonds, impossible mind-boggling shapes that couldn’t possibly have existed in real life.

I didn’t understand what all of them meant, but they were arranged just so, and if I stared long enough, I could see – or I told myself I could see – the stories they told.

My favorite was the arrangement of stars. In reality they made up a constellation I’d seen in the sky a hundred different nights, and the old man had told me their story, but I saw a different story there.

“Those are the vampires,” I told Gotcha, and the wolf dog opened his amber eyes and gave me a look. “Look. Really. You can tell.” I pointed at the cluster of stars. “And those two right there – that’s you and me. And all of the other ones are the other people, all the humans that the old man says there are out in the world.”

I’d never seen another human besides the old man, but I took his word for it. He knew what he was talking about.

“There’s only you and me standing between them.” I let my arm drop back to my side, but I didn’t take my eyes off the stars. Those two stars, Gotcha and I, looked a little lonely there by themselves. But I thought they looked brave, too.

Like everybody else had gone, given up, but they refused to.

“Gotcha?” I said, and he lifted his head. “The old man said he’s going to leave us soon. But you won’t ever leave me, right? Promise?”

He licked my cheek, and I smiled. I didn’t mind being on my own if I was on my own with him.


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