Good News!

The first good news being, I made it to the next round of the TCWT agent pitch contest! Whoohoo! John is probably so tired of seeing Summer Rush’s pitch and first 250 words. Haha.

Naturally, other people made it to the next round as well – nine awesome authors, to be exact. You should go to Teens Can Write Too and look at all the entries and make nice comments and stuff, as that’s what I’ll be doing once I’m done with this post.

In other good news, I’ve been so good about doing my writing prompts this week! I have a pretty black and pink journal someone gave me when I left for college and I diligently do the Sarah Selecky writing prompts in it with a nice blue pen. I’m rather proud of myself, even if the writing is crap, just because I’m doing the writing.

The incentive for doing it is rather brilliant of me, if I do say so myself. If I agree with myself to do the prompts, I go to the cafeteria and eat bacon and French toast and fresh fruit while I write. It’s early in the morning, so it’s bright and sunny and there’s hardly anyone else there. I love the environment.

If I don’t do the writing, I stay home and eat a pop-tart and do my homework. You see why I must write.

And finally, I’m making progress with editing California Girl and I’ve utterly fallen off the wagon with writing NFM’s sequel because… well, because I’m lazy. That’s all. Peace!

4 thoughts on “Good News!

  1. Congrats! We’re in the contest together! I saw your entry and really liked it (: I’ve always heard not to use dialogue in an opening line, but yours was AWESOME! Now I sort of want to try it myself…

  2. Congrats on the contest! That’s so exciting! Also, I think it’s great that you keep doing those writing prompts. I’ve signed up for the emails, but so far I just have a page full of prompts. I think from now on I’m going to start waking up ten minutes earlier and doing them. Of course, I’d need to find the right notebook first. 😀

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