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It’s October!

I told myself I was going to finish this book in October, and GOSH DARN IT, I am going to! Bear witness, readers. Gabrielle promised herself and you that she would finish UNTITLED by the end of October. Preferably by the thirtieth so she’ll have at least one day for NaNo prep.

On the topic of NaNo – and really, that’s probably all I’ll talk about this entire month, as I’m that much of a fanatic – do you realize it’s just ONE MONTH AWAY? I’m freaking out. In the good way.

It’s possible that NaNo is the meaning of my life.

I’ll admit, I’m a tad bit concerned about NaNo this year. I have no doubt that I’ll finish, but I’m worried about meeting my personal goals and fitting NaNo in around school and the amount of fun I’ll have.

You see, this will be my first NaNo away from home. In previous years, I’ve noveled away with my two or more sisters. We went and wrote at cafes and between classes at school and laughed and talked and commiserated. My family was super supportive, and my sister never complained when I stayed up until seven in the morning writing.

Enter APSU and dorm life. I’m a little scared that my roommate will kill me if I stay up late writing in our room, I have more homework than I’ve ever had in previous years, and as far as I know, there are no NaNoers nearby.

These are some obstacles to maximum word countage and fun, but have no fear! I’m not at all discouraged. It’ll only be that much more awesome when I blow my projected word count out of the water and write the next Great American Novel.

It’s all positivity and optimism in this girl right here. Now I’m off to write UNTITLED… I mean, do homework. Cause I should probably do that first.

7 thoughts on “It’s October!

  1. Hey! I am in the EXACT same situation. Except this is my first time at NaNoWriMo, and I figure between 1) homework 2) querying other novel 3) writing new novel, I will be going INSANE and my roommate will be planning creative ways to murder me. I don’t know if I’ll be able to finish an entire novel in one month, but I’d love to try!

    1. You’re going to have so much fun! My first year at NaNo was the best in terms of word count, candy eaten, and friends made (I was a HS senior with virtually no actual school, so NaNo was my life). Be sure to stock up on candy when it goes on sale after Halloween so you’ll have tons of writing incentives! 🙂

  2. My teachers are giving SO MUCH HOMEWORK that it’s ridiculous, and I’m a little concerned about keeping my grades up and finishing NaNoWriMo, but I swear I will do it. I’m already starting to warn my mom (“Ugh, AGAIN? I lose you for a month!”) and all my friends (NaNo-What-O?”) and my teachers (“Extra credit for a novel? HECK yes!”). It should be a good time.

    1. It seems like teachers really pile it on in November. I’m going to try to get as many assignments done as I can before November actually begins. I know there are a couple of papers I can write beforehand. Too bad you can’t study for tests a month in advance.

  3. You might be surprised. There might be others at your school doing NaNo that you could get together with for a write-in. Maybe October would be a good time to check around. Might even make a new friend or two that way. 🙂

    Good luck finishing UNTITLED before November! NaNo sounds like tons of fun, and based on your tags it’s quite important to you. Haha, I tried participating like three years ago and only go 1,000 words in before I gave up.
    Oh well!

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