{wishful thinking}

I woke up this morning. Had coffee. Walked around. Yep, still a published-author-to-be. I have this surreal sort of hangover, and it’s wonderful. However, now I’m editing like a madwoman and that poses a problem – less time to plan for NaNo. Try combining a. editing at a furious pace in order to submit by October 18th. b. Trying to finish your senior-year subjects for school so you can take November off and b. trying to create an entire novel during October so you can write it in November.

It’s a glorious whirlwind. NaNo has a way of sneaking up on you when you least expect it – you look forward to it all year, and then just as you start to forget about it – BOOM.

“Is it November already?”

“Yes, Holmes.”

So while I’m juggling all of these (not to mention art commissions, and planning what to get everyone…

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