It’s the day before NaNo, y’all! I’m pretty OUT OF MY FREAKING MIND EXCITED. WHOO.

As my nephew would say:


No, not really. I’m not ready at all. I have three books plots that I want to write, and I’ll be trying my hand at all of them throughout the course of the month, I’m sure, so it promises to be absolutely crazy.

My mind is kind of frazzled at the moment, because I have several assignments due tomorrow and I have un capitulo mas to finish on THE ALPHA MARK before midnight rolls around, and it’s hard because you know that I kind of don’t want it to end feeling you get just before you finish something? I have that feeling, and it’s making it hard to end THE ALPHA MARK.

Although I’ll be writing the next book in a matter of hours, so it’s not like it’s really over. It’s more like an intermission.

Ahem. Pep talk time!

For all my first-timers:

Don’t be worried. NaNo is a time of screws up and reckless abandon. It’s a time of caffeine overdosage, bags under the eyes, wild hair and no clean laundry.

During NaNo, we pretend we don’t notice our unmade bed and outright defy bed times and the quaint idea that writing at the dinner table is rude. Sometimes we write during class. We always take advantage of free moments to write, even if it’s only five or ten minutes. Make the most of every second and it’ll add up.

Most importantly, don’t worry about writing a masterpiece. Over the years, I’ve seen lots of people bashing NaNo because, supposedly, what you write during the month will be absolute garbage, and the atmosphere isn’t conducive to viable words.

To that I say CENSORED. NaNo isn’t about writing a polished story. It’s about getting a first draft done, and first drafts are allowed to suck as much as they possibly can.

So have fun, and don’t try to be a perfectionist. Just let the words fall where they may.

To NaNo’s repeat offenders:

Remember the basics! No going back to fix typos! Word war often! Blow your last record out of the water!


9 thoughts on “T’WAS THE DAY BEFORE NANO…

  1. Good luck to you, too! A few friends and I started a facebook support group to hassle each other! It’s neat because we have some first timers and some seasoned veterans. We can all go insane together! haha

  2. First drafts are allowed to suck? Are you even ready for my suckage (suckery?), critique partner? No uber harsh judgment is to pass between us, yeah? :”>

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