It’s Towards the End of Day Five

Well, it’s 8:11 pm on day five, and I’m procrastinating on homework while writing about aromatherapy and super powers. Interesting mix, no?

WORD COUNT: 18,005

I got off to a decent start with 8,000 on day one and wrote (sor far) 5,000 today, but I floundered a little bit for the three days in-between. But I feel good about where I am from henceforth, and I had a MAJOR breakthrough on one of the other projects I want to work on, so I’m happy.

Tomorrow I have a big Brit Lit test and some other homework is due, so I really need to close my computer, turn off the television, and get some legit work done.

Knowing me, I probably won’t do either.


Maybe it was because I wasn’t her mother that I couldn’t just wipe the slate clean. Who knew? “You were still rude,” I said. “And you need to watch yourself. But no, I’m not mad at you.” I sighed. “Don’t listen to what Alice says, okay? You are the most precious person in the world to me. I would never leave you.”

“Do you promise?” she asked in the same quavery voice. “Even when you go fight Kindle?”

I laughed. “You’re not coming with me to fight Kindle, Zar. He’s too dangerous.”

“But you should have seen me,” she protested. “When we all fought in the ballroom. I was a wolf and I fought really hard. And I killed some vamps, too.”

“And Farren told me you left your flank open and got cornered,” I said sternly. Her face fell. “I’m going to teach you to fight properly, Zar. I promise. But until then, I need you to be patient and keep your head down. Okay?”

“But when?” she insisted. “I want to help you save the world.”

“And you will.” I sighed when she only looked more stubborn. “I’ll tell you what. Tonight, after dinner, I’ll start teaching you. Okay?”

“Okey dokey.” She kissed my cheek, smearing more tears on my face. “I think that after we save the world, you should marry Farren and adopt me and we can all be a real family.”

That was so like a child. To assume we’d all come out alive. 

How’s your NaNo adventure? And if you’re not doing NaNo… WHY NOT?

One thought on “It’s Towards the End of Day Five

  1. I’m not really doing NaNo…officially…I was kind of in an editing race, and now that I finished round 1 of editing I can write book 2 or try that new project that’s in first person and scares me. Good luck, and lovely excerpt!

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