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I’m Sick, Failing NaNo, and Still Generally Optimistic

I suppose I have a different idea of “failing NaNo” than most people, and mine is that whole days have gone by without me writing a single word. The moment I start to feel down about my story or my ability to finish, I’m failing NaNo. Extreme, yes, but I’m unapologetically a girl of extremes.

Right now my word count is 36,000 words, roughly 34,000 of which are on Broken Moon. The remaining words are spread out over two different stories, neither of which I’m feeling very optimistic about and will probably end up scrapping at the end of the month.

But I’m actually very happy with Broken Moon. I’ve had some terrific typos and I hate my opening, but so far the story is going the way I want it to. I’ve only killed one character so far, but this is the apocalyptic finish of the trilogy, so rest assured, more characters will meet heroic ends.

Broken Moon will probably take a turn for the chaotic in the next couple of days, because I have a fever, and when I’m sick my mind gets whacky and loopy and all sorts of crazy things come out of my brain. Hopefully BM will survive. Heck, hopefully I’ll survive. I think I’m a pretty good sick person, but I know I look very pathetic walking around in my pajamas with my tissue box.


I’m not happy with my word count, but as long as I finish Broken Moon this month, I shall be content. And I know I’ll be able to do that, and I’m sure I’ll finish this Brit Lit paper, and I know I’ll get well eventually.

How goes life? Writing? Editing? Any suggestions for getting over fever/cough/stuffy nose super quickly?

6 thoughts on “I’m Sick, Failing NaNo, and Still Generally Optimistic

  1. You know, today’s pace goal is only 20k. I think “failing NaNo” is a bit harsh. It sounds to me like you’re doing just fine, especially with being sick. So there have been days you didn’t write. You’re still well ahead of pace and you’re happy with what you’ve done so far. That’s awesome. Give yourself a break.

    Sincerely, The Woman Who Never Gives Herself A Break. 😉

    1. I normally kill a lot of people, too. My cast is pretty slim in these books, though, so that’s probably why. But I recently added a whole compound of characters, so I just got a lot of expendable bodies.

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