Giveaway! (not mine, but it’s super cool!)

Ladies and gentlemen, inhabitants of the blogosphere, the newly established REUTS PUBLICATIONS is having a giveaway! In case you didn’t realize what it is, it’s a book safe! I almost bought one of these during Black Friday, and then I was like, “STOP SPENDING YOUR PENNIES! YOU’RE A POOR GIRL!”

ANYWAY, not that you asked about that. If you want to know more about Reuts, you can read the brief info I’m about to snatch from the website and put after this paragraph, or you can go to http://www.reuts.com and see for yourself.



Simply put: we’re authors. Our team has firsthand experience publishing with traditional publishers. We understand the processes and expectations, and we’re ready to step into those shoes. With this insight and our unique educational backgrounds, we hope to establish a new relationship between authors and their publishers.

Join the movement – Get REUTED in a good book.

We are currently working on our collection of titles, and are accepting submissions.


REUTS is a publishing agency. This refers to the design-heavy elements we incorporate into the titles in our collection. We focus more on the production of a title, than the actual printing. The publishing industry is changing, and we’re adapting to that evolution. With Print-On-Demand services, books now have the same opportunities for recognition and distribution as they once only had with a traditional print run. Through these services, we take advantage of both print and electronic distribution, and work hard with authors to get their novels in physical bookstores. In joining the REUTS family, you can guarantee professional production of your novel: from making sure all the spelling and grammatical errors are caught, to an author’s website that coincides perfectly with your book branding. You can’t judge a book by its cover, they say. We’d argue that the initial point of identification is the biggest first impression you can give yourself and your story. And we make a lasting first impression.

So how do you know if we’re a good match for you?

REUTS aims to help those authors who have a fantastic story on their hands, but haven’t heard back from the agents or publishers they’ve queried. We also aim to help those authors considering self-publishing that don’t have the funds to hire designers and editors. However, this does not mean we’ll accept every submission that comes across our table.

REUTS will never charge you to publish your title (those are called vanity presses, and we’re not one of them), and we maintain above industry standard royalties. Our team isn’t in this business to get rich. We want the profits to go back to you, the authors– you put the long nights and hard work into the story, you deserve to reap the benefits.


And in case you didn’t know, PITCH WARS is going on. And super-cool Taryn Albright formerly of Teen Eyes Editing has struck out on her own and become THE GIRL WITH THE GREEN PEN. You know those pennies I mentioned earlier? I’m saving them up to have Taryn crit my next big editing project, because she’s worked with me on my queries and is awesome.

AND FINALLY, shout out to the number one girl I’d want to stalk, GEM from Write Like a Freak on finishing her book!!

Yes. I keep lists of people I would enjoy stalking. YOU COULD BE ON IT.

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