December 1st

Well, NaNo’s in the past. And I won! Yay! The final word count was 75k with some change. My older sister also won; I don’t know if my younger one did. But anywho! It’s a brand new month, I have a book to finish (I’m about two-ish chapters away from finishing Broken Moon; and, side note, I decided to change all the titles in the whole trilogy. They’re too common.)

My school semester is drawing to a close, and I have four large-ish projects left, then finals, and then I’ll be free! And, super excitement, I don’t have to take my Spanish final! Whoo!

In other news, now that NaNo is done, I have time to put together my Pitch Wars and Crit Fest entries. Also, I hope you all entered the REUTS Publications giveaway. You still have like ten days or something for that last one, but don’t be a slacker (like me) and wait until the last possible minute to do things. It’s not good.

In still more exciting news, Amanda Foody and I are planning something insanely epic. You may have noticed one of use the #ZAPP hashtag on Twitter. All I’m saying for now is, spitshine your query letters. It’s gonna be big.

OHHH YEAH, SUPER KUDOS TO MIRRIAM! She didn’t mention her exciting news on her blog yet, so maybe I’m not supposed to be running my mouth, but she knows why she’s awesome.

Um… what else?

Oh, I know. I’ll tell you my goals for December! That way you can frown and shake your head disparagingly at me when I slack off.

1. Finish Broken Moon and then put the whole trilogy on lockdown until it comes time to edit my sweet little children. Yes. They’re triplets.

2. Query at least ten agents with Summer Rush. It’s time to get off my booty and back on the querying horse. I have no excuse. Time to stop being a slacker.

3. Get back to beta reading. I LOVE beta reading. Probably too much. So… you know… if you need a beta reader *LEAPS OUT OF CHAIR AND WAVES HER HAND WILDLY* After finals, anyway. And I like YA best.

4. Take better care of my blog and show more love to bloggers on the net. There are so many cool bloggers out there and I want to comment on their posts and stalk their Twitters and be super buddy-buddy, but I’m usually too lazy or too busy.

5. Start lining up a publishing internship for this summer. Do you know this will be my last summer as a student? Summer 2014 I’ll be a college graduate! Holy crap.

6. Read at least a book a week. I’ve fallen so far off the reading horse (everything is a horse now). I haven’t properly read a book since leaving home. THAT’S LIKE THREE-ISH MONTHS.

7. Start editing the contemp novel I wrote earlier this year. It’s my baby, and I love it so much that it’s hard to look at it in its unedited state. It’s all about a girl and her dad. I get a little sappy when I think about it.

8. Keep writing poetry. I had boatloads of fun in my poetry class this semester, and I want to attempt to keep up my poetry writing outside of school. It’s actually a lot of fun and I suck a lot less than I used to.

9. Start reviewing the books I read. I always find bloggers’ book reviews so useful and interesting. It’s about time I start passing it on.

10. Write a short story about two of my friends from school. I’ve been challenged to it, and I WILL NOT FAIL.

So. Your turn. Goals for December? How’d NaNo work out for you? ARE YOU ALMOST OUT OF CLASSES (if you’re in classes)?!! What do you think of chocolate truffles?

4 thoughts on “December 1st

  1. Goals:

    1. Finish this manuscript so you can be a beta-reader, lol. Since you’re volunteering.

    NaNoWriMo didn’t work out for me, but I have a partially great story on my hands when the time comes. So no harm done 🙂 I admire your work ethic. I’m still getting a writing schedule down pat that actually works for me.

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