Zombie Apocalyptic Pitch Party

The end of the world is coming! Are you prepared for the zombie apocalypse? No? Well, Amanda Foody and I are creating zombie apocalypse teams, ensuring that all of us survive imminent doom. So turn off your Christmas music and grab your AK-47s. We’re heading to the critiquing trenches.

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This party will include a blog hop and a crit fest! What better way to celebrate inevitable world destruction? Here are the dates below:

THE BLOG HOP: For the individual posts’ instructions, go to the main ZAPP page HERE and to learn about the APOCALYPSE TEAMS and other fun.

December 10: Introduction Post
December 12: Writing Prompt #1
December 14: CP/Beta Mixer
December 17: Writing Prompt #2
December 19: Team Love
December 21: DOOMSDAY–> Critfest
December 23: Survivors


December 2-14: ROUND ONE: We will be accepting email queries for finished, polished or unpolished, MG, YA, or NA manuscripts, all subgenres welcome. Email ZAPPcontest(at)gmail(dot)com with your query letter, and then add yourself to the blog hop to enter. Put your TITLE: Genre in the subject line. Format your email like this:


December 17: Top 24 will be notified in email and invited to submit first 500 words. ALL entries, regardless if they survived round one, will receive a free query crtiqiue. The query winners will also submit their revised queries. Optional: Winners can give the URL of a picture that works as a cover or is related to their book. (Come on, how many of you have writing Pinterest boards? Find a book that captures some essence of your book. This is optional. Please, only pick one.)

December 21: ROUND TWO: The Top 24 will be posted, 12 on each blog. Anyone is allowed and encouraged to comment (please, keep it polite. Even zombies need manners).

December 24: Winners will be notified. 2 people will be picked for FULL MANUSCRIPT CRITIQUES, one from me and one from Julie. And 4 people will be picked for 1st 3 chapter critiques, 2 from me and 2 from Julie.

We will be Tweeting under the hashtag #ZAPP. Be sure to look out for tweets about entries we like (the ones that will survive… mwahaha).

So the chance to win a free full manuscript critique, get a guaranteed free query critique, meet lots of other writers, and survive the inevitable zombie apocalypse (because the Mayans were obviously right)… WHY AREN’T YOU SIGNING UP YET? Sign up by adding your name to the linkie below. This is a Blog Hop!

Click here to enter the Blog Hop! (The linky doesn’t show up on my blog, but it’ll show up on Amanda’s!)

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