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More Great News!

So, I’ve shared the great news about the Zombie Apocalyptic Pitch Party, and you’ve all seen how we’re dividing up the teams. At the moment, I’m ZAPPTeamFP. Just saying. (WE’RE THE COOL KIDS COUGH COUGH). But I kind of want to be ZAPPTeamConRom. I’m thinking of doing a Shakespeare retelling of The Merchant of Venice that will fall into that category. It’s going to be epic.

Anyway. Contest. Enter. I WANT TO READ YOUR BOOKS. This is clearly all just a ploy to give me free reading material, ya know.

The new great news!

My poetry teacher wants me to be a reader for APSU’s literary journal, Zone 3! This is possibly not the most exciting news you’ve ever heard, but I’m pretty ecstatic about it. I’ll get three elective credits, I get to read poetry and help make selections about what gets in the journal… um, HELLO. Coolest job ever. Plus, it’s very similar to what I actually want to do as my career.

That’s that.

I’m going to try to finish Broken Moon now.

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