GUESS WHAT? I got the Liebster Award from Mirriam over at Thoughts of a Shieldmaiden!

Rules: Post eleven random facts about yourself, answer the eleven questions the awarder has given you and make up eleven questions for your awardees to answer in return. Tag eleven fellow bloggers, and notify them of the award.

Okay, random facts! 

1. My ear buds have Captain America on them. I got them for my eighteenth birthday this year, and they’re so awesome my mind can hardly fathom it. They’re super comfy, too.

2. The only type of calendar I use are the ones with horse pictures. Usually my second oldest sister buys me one, because everybody knows I’m a horse fanatic, so when they see something particularly cool and horsy, they think of me. It’s nice.

3. I recently took up rock climbing. Not to brag, but I’ve been told I’m a natural athlete, so I like to try different things (I’m a beast at water skiing. Just saying). I’m also trying bouldering, which is really hard when you have no upper body strength. My friend who’s teaching me has prescribed pull-ups as a remedy.

4. I don’t like wearing shoes. I like shoes, especially outrageous high heels. But I don’t like wearing them. This is probably the result of running around barefoot for the first twelve-ish years of my life.

5. Korean rom-coms and dramas are two of my favorite genres. They have a completely different tone from American ones – at least the American ones that I’ve seen – and I freaking love ’em. I got the KDrama app on my iPod, so if you ever see a girl walking around watching her iPod screen and laughing like a maniac… yeah. That’s me.

6. I don’t sing in the shower, but I do dance. So if you ever hear about a girl who slipped and busted her head in the shower because she was dancing, that’ll be me, too.

7. My favorite breed of dog is a Pit Bull (and please, don’t tell me they’re naturally agressive unless you have known many, many, many  Pit Bulls who were all senselessly agressive), but the dog I’ll be getting after I graduate and settle into one place is a Harlequin Great Dane. I am so in love with those dogs. I’ve wanted one ever since I read an MG book many years ago about a girl who wanted one after seeing one in a dog show. I wish I could remember the title, because I’d definitely read it again. It was really sweet.

8. I’d like the job of personal cheerleader. I like encouraging people, and I find myself doing it all the time, intentionally and unintentionally.

9. You might not think it, but I’m really only nine or so in terms of mental maturity. I still enjoy making toy trains crash and explode, and pulling a chair out from underneath someone makes me laugh. Or maybe I’m just mean. I don’t laugh if they get upset though! It’s only funny if they enjoy a good joke.

10. Impromptu singers make me smile. My friend breaks into song quite often, and fortunately he has a great voice. We make quite a pair: him singing and me laughing my head off. Good times.

11. My younger sister and I call each other our twin. We look nothing alike, but we’re besties (and my older sister, too), and we spend so much time together that one time she accidentally introduced herself with my name.

Mirriam’s Questions

1. Do you create playlists for your novels when you write, or do you write better without music? I always, always need music. I’ve only made playlists for a couple of my novels, though. Usually I make playlists according to moods. So I have someone-died playlists, car-chase playlists, romantic-moment playlists, etc.

2. Is there anything you have given up in order to be able to write? I’ve given up a lot of sleep, that’s for sure. But I’d have to say just time. I put a lot of time into writing, time I could be spending doing a thousand different things. But I think it’s time well spent.

3. What character (not your own) has moved or inspired you the most? Why? I couldn’t pick just one, so I’ll mention a few. One is Darcy from Searching for David’s Heart. Her story broke my heart, and it’s one of the few books in the world that made me cry. Augustus from The Fault in Our Stars was also an amazing character. He had such a great attitude in spite of his situation. DJ from the Dairy Queen trilogy is one of my favorite characters of all time, movies included. She’s just an ordinary girl with an extraordinary journey from “dairy queen” to basketball star. You should all read those books. They’re very real.

4. Have you ever seen a real-life version of your character walking down the street? I think I did once, but I don’t remember what character it was. Honestly, I don’t have images of my characters in my head like a lot of people do. I have to see somebody and then realize, “Oh wow, that’s such-and-such.”

5. Have you ever been inspired by something completely random and strange? (“Did she say she liked to draw swill-buckets?”) Yes. I was walking home one night with my certificate of completion of service learning and some leftover fried chicken from the celebration party, and I thought to myself as I crossed the crosswalk, a girl gets killed on a crosswalk. All she has is fried chicken and a certificate. What is the certificate from and who is she? I’m constantly playing the what-if game in my head, and now I have a story in the works.

6. Have you ever come up with a fantastic idea, only to find out that someone in the past stole it from you? Gah. Too often.

7. Is there one thing people tend to say all the time that you absolutely hate? There isn’t a specific thing I can think of, but I do hate it when people use “is” and “are” incorrectly. The editor in me flips out, and sometimes I correct them like a total rude grammar snob.

8. Is there a Tumblr you go to for inspiration? Nope. I’m more likely to go to deviantart or make random google image searches.

9. What does your writing space look like? At home it’s my desk, but here in my dorm it can be one of three places: the couch in the living room, where I’ll usually have some The Mentalist on. There’re glass doors to the balcony, and out the balcony I can see a bunch of trees, another dorm, and sometimes my and my suitemates “pet,” some kind of gopher animal. The other space is in my room on my bed. That’s just a regular boring dorm-type place, but I do have Hunger Games and Dark Knight Rises posters on my fall. The third spot is in the campus library.

10. Do you have a ‘routine’ for writing? I don’t have a routine for anything! Haha. But usually I’ll sit down, turn on my iTunes, and start writing, or I’ll minimize my Word document to half the screen and walk Supernatural gag reels or actual movies on the other half.

11. Have you ever been struck with creative lightning at an inappropriate time? Many, many, many times. A lot of the time during class lectures. It also happens a lot while I’m driving, and so I dawdle or speed up to get to a red light so I can pull out my phone and make a memo. The most inopportune time was when I was giving an oral report on Gothic architecture. I had to try and hold it in my head for the ten-minute report and then rush to my desk and write it down.

My Questions (give reasons why when possible)

1. What’s the last book that made you so mad you had to throw it across the room?

2. Which do you prefer, awesome notebooks or cool pens?

3. Name a song that is reflective of your WIP’s theme.

4. Would you keep writing your story if someone had already written something similar?

5. Name the last animal you wrote about.

6. List five writing cliches.

7. If you had the chance to experience death and then come back, would you take it?

8. The cops are pounding at your door at midnight. What did you do?

9. Aforementions cops are checking your browser history. What do they find?

10. Do you think birds are weird?

11. A djinn can make you the world’s best writer with a snap of his fingers, no hard work required. Would you say yes?

And now for the lucky people to be tagged! 


Mirriam Joy

John Hansen

Mariella Hunt

Nadia J

Elizabeth Hill


Cally Jackson

Amanda Foody




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