The Customary Celebratory Post

Aura Trilogy

I’ve finished my first trilogy, folks – my first trilogy that hasn’t turned into a series, anyway 🙂

I finished Broken Moon, book three in my Aura trilogy, last night while watching The Dark Knight Rises with my roommates. It was very anticlimatic, actually. I finished and went to grab a piece of cake before the DKR finale, and just like that it was over. After we finished watching DKR, however, I started getting that empty feeling because I had nothing to write.

And later that night… yeesh.

I was lying in bed and then suddenly I realized what I’d done in Broken Moon’s ending and then I was like WHYYYYYY DID YOU DO THAT???!!!!

The final stats are…

Words: 233,237

Pages: 810

Days Taken to Finish: 134

And now she’s over. And I feel super proud and super heartbroken at the same time.

4 thoughts on “The Customary Celebratory Post

  1. Congrats! I’m very impressed! I’ve tried to write a trilogy before, and it, well, didn’t quite work out. Haha. So great job! And those covers are beautiful! 🙂

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