Zombie Apocalyptic Pitch Party

ZAPP Blog Hop: Introduction Post: The Princess Marquesse de Gabrielle

Before I start the actual post, GOOD NEWS. The entry deadline for the Zombie Apocalyptic Pitch Party has been moved all the way back to the 21st. So that means you have eleven more days to get your entries in! Just think. My eyes will be reading your words.


Wait, that wasn’t supposed to scare you. Come baaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!!



team contemp rom

Okay, for those of you who don’t know me, I’m Gabrielle. That long title in this post’s title comes from my being a BOSS during NaNoWriMo 2009, and the awesome group I IM’d with all during NaNo gave it to me. It makes no sense, but it’s all good.

I can’t tell you what I’m working on right now because that might blow it for Secret Santa Crits, so I’ll just say it’s a maniacally awesome contemporary story that I’ve been planning on writing for many, many years. There are many laughs involved (hopefully), and much intrigue.

You can pretty much read all about me in my About Me page, so I’m trying to think of interesting stuff you don’t know. Let me think.

Well, when I finished BROKEN MOON, that was novel number 19 for me. I’m hoping to finish my WIP and have twenty novels written by the end of the year, and I’m almost out of classes, so that’s looking pretty possible. I’ve been writing since I was nine and writing seriously since I was fourteen.

I’m not allergic to anything, but on the horrible occasions when I taste apple cider vinegar or grapefruit extract, I think I’m going to die a horrible death. That stuff is NASTY. My mom once bet me a dollar that I couldn’t drink apple cider vinegar without making a face, but I did, AND I EARNED THAT DOLLAR.

I like caps lock.

You really want to get your ZAPP entries in because those awesome eyes you see pictured above will read your words. You’ll notice I wear glasses. That guarantees I’m smart.

I’d really like to learn to make GIFS so I could turn that picture of my eyes into one that’s making shifty eyes. Then I’d really freak you guys out, and it would be awesome. I’d use that GIF so many times that you’d be able to pick my eyes out of a line-up.

Although I’m #zappteamconrom, I love all genres and have no bias. I love any story with great characters and plot. And I love purty book covers because they make me smile. I hoard books. Sometimes I get a book purely based on the cover. And, in case you didn’t know, “never judge a book by its cover” IS A LIE. Everybody judges books that way.

Sometimes I wish I could be a cheerleader for writers and just bring them caffeine and chocolate and tell them THEY’RE THE BEST all the time. And I would bring them stuffed animals and balloons when they were having a bad day.

So. BOOM. That’s me and my eyes for #zappteamconrom although I promise I am completely unbiased when it comes to reading your entries. TTFN (that’s ta ta for now, for anyone deprived of Winnie the Pooh).

Make sure to head over to Amanda’s so you can see the other blogs in the blog hop and spread a little love!


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