I Have Single-Handedly Managed to Do…


In the week-ish since I made the leap of freedom out of classes, I’ve fallen behind on Every. Single. Thing. I missed posting dates for ZAPP. I didn’t email back the two people for Secret Santa. I fell way behind on writing my last project of the year. I haven’t posted. Heck, I’ve barely posted on Facebook, and that’s just a crime. I haven’t been working on my CritFest entry. Essentially, I’m a big fat mess.

I’m really sorry.

Normally I don’t feel bad when I let myself down; I just lecture my reflection and sometimes smack myself and then grit my teeth and get stuff done. But I feel awful about letting everything else get away from me and not keeping up with my responsibilites.

I’d offer excuses, but there are no legit ones. My family and I went on an impromptu mini-vacation, which was THE BOMB, and I should have been rested and revived after that, but instead I decided to sleep in and almost forget I was supposed to take care of some horses… But I remembered, somewhat, and decided it would be a good idea to muck stalls in my sneakers because I was too lazy to put on my boots. Not. A good. Idea.

Another bad idea I had? Wearing my brand new black jacket to the barn. So now it’s delightfully decorated in soaked beet pulp, sticky horse feed, and shavings. Nice.

So you see where my mind has been lately – I must have left it somewhere while I was on vacation.

BUT, ZAPP ENTRANTS, HAVE NO FEAR! Although I missed important dates, I have secret information that will make sure you all come out on top, regardless.

And I reorganized my bookshelf, first by genre, then alphabetically by author’s names. And I finished reading Geek Magnent by Kieran Scott, which I really liked, and now I’m reading Cindy Ella, which I’m iffy about so far. After that comes FIVE FLAVORS OF DUMB, which my sister read first, and judging by the snickering she did on the top bunk while reading it, I’d say it’s going to be a good one.

In other news, I have a few days to finish my CritFest entry and finished my last WIP for the year. Gah. I’m so far behind with it. Mini-NaNo, anyone?

In completely random news, it’s not a good idea to yell “FREE LOLLIPOPS” and throw a handful of lollipops up in the air when your siblings are rabid animals who think they’ve never had lollipops before and will possibly divebomb off of couches and over couches in order to get more than the other.

Okay, I think that’s it. I apologize for my laziness, and I will do my best to pull myself together and finish the year out right.

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