That I was tagged! Like… forever ago. By the awesome Amanda


Seven Facts About Myself: 

1. I am a beast at the game Temple Run. I mean, I’m just an absolute beast. And I play it a lot. Why would you play a game with no end, you might ask? Because I want to. It’s sort of a mindless game once you get the hang of it, and it helps you unwind. Inasmuch as you can unwinde while being chased by some weird monkey creature. 

2. I have a serious frosted shredded mini-wheat addiction. My lovely roommates can attest to this. I’ll eat a whole box (family-size!) in one day if I let myself, probably more. I try to only get one box at a time so I won’t kill myself by overeating. 

3. It’s always been a dream of mine for my whole family to engage in a Nerf gun battle. A hard-core one, with jumping and running and hiding behind furniture and Nerf grenades and battle cries a la Bruce Willis/Die Hard. It would be pretty cool. 

4. I talk to myself all the time, so much so that my family can hardly tell when I’m talking to one of them or just to myself. It’s sort of like I’m narrating my life. It’s a really hard habit to break. Y’all don’t even know. 

5. In addition to talking to myself, I talk to books. This one can be a little embarassing, especially if I’m in a library, or if I’m freaking out with a book and somebody walks into the room and sees me whisper-yelling at the pages or making other ASKKDFHSDFKH sounds. All I can do is smile and nod and say, “What’s up?”  like they’re the weird ones. 

6. I can pinch people with my toes. Yeah. It’s an art. 

7. I’m a serial clothing thief. I take all of my sisters’ clothes all the time (except shoes; I have the biggest feet). Right now at school I have a pair of one sister’s jeans, another sister’s belt, and a sweater or two from the third and fourth sisters. Sister number five is ten, so I can’t steal her clothes yet. But I’m counting the days.

Okay, I will nominate people later! I really need to do my homework!  


One thought on “ARGH! TOTALLY FORGOT

  1. Congratulations on your award! I have a group of guy friends with Nerf guns, and when we lived in the dorms together, I often came over in the middle of a Nerf gun war and had to grab a weapon and choose my team on the spot. I ended up getting them more ammunition that following Christmas 🙂

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