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Excerpt! Not Another Stupid Romance

So, trying to get back on the blogging horse, so can I start out with a sort of cheat post and give you an excerpt from my edit-in-progress, NASR? This book is my child, and I simultaneously love and hate it.

It’s written in dual POV with Braxton and Lissy, and the excerpt is from Braxton’s POV.

Lissy Kale is smart, funny, and, oh yeah, completely terrified of people. But when her bossy BFF dares her into a date with serial dater Braxton Wade, Lissy’s read enough romance novels to know how it works out. Except when she and Braxton kiss, it sends them both running for mouthwash.

Lissy and Braxton would rather watch Disney movies and talk photography than make out, and when they come clean to one another they decide to turn the tables and become such a horrible couple that their friends will beg them to break up.

A few weeks of non-stop Lissy-time have Braxton noticing all the cute things about her, so much so that even if their friends beg, he might not want to break up with her, while the oblivious Lissy struggles to deal with her sociophobia and the stupid bubbly feelings she gets around Braxton’s best friend August, even as her friendship with her BFF crumbles.

Lisandra and Braxton started all of this as a joke. They never really thought about how it would end.


“I thought you hated August.” I kicked myself the second the words were out. Way to sound jealous, Braxton. Damn. Was I jealous? Of August? She didn’t even like him. And she didn’t even like me, either. We were just friends.

“I don’t hate him,” she said, shrugging. “I always thought he hated me, and he’s arrogant as all get out. But…” Another shrug. “He surprised me.”

“Surprised you,” I repeated. “How?”

She looked at me and laughed. “Wow, Braxton. Are you sure you guys are friends? I shouldn’t have to tell you that your friend’s not a complete jerk.”

I tried not to glower. “I just don’t want you to get hurt, that’s all. He’s the one who thought it would be funny to watch you have a meltdown when I asked you out.”

Damn it, Braxton, cut it out.

Lissy’s gaze dropped to her computer screen, and she busied herself with exiting the slideshow. “I know. And he’s still a jerk in that regard.”

I knew there was a but, although she didn’t come out and say it. I had really, really missed something. Like, for instance, the moment they stopped being enemies. Why her? Why had August dropped his asshole act for Lissy, the girl he seemed to hate above all others?

Lissy hadn’t looked up from her computer yet. Now she tucked her loose hair behind her ear. “Here are a couple of pictures I’m thinking about putting in the show,” she said, her voice uncharacteristically quiet. Uncharacteristic for when it was just us. “But I’m not sure they’re good enough.”

She pulled them up, and I tried to focus, but my thoughts were going crazy. I needed to talk to August. Because, honestly, the thought of him talking to Lissy made me extremely unhappy.

He’d been a complete dick to her for years. And she was just going to sweep that under the rug? No. It wasn’t happening. This whole ruse was about payback for what he did to her.

And if she quits, no Rainier, no this.

This. Lissy sitting on my bed, talking about balance and hierarchical scale, her finger trailing across the computer screen, then tucking her hair behind her ear when it slipped free again.

“Don’t you think?” She looked at me.

I hadn’t heard a word she just said, and the words she said now barely registered. My eyes were locked on her mouth.

I wanted to kiss her.

And not as a joke or a gag or a game. I wanted to kiss Lissy and not think about who was watching, and make her think about no one but me.

And that was going to be a problem.

“Braxton?” she said.

This was not supposed to happen. You wanted to puke after that first kiss. How did that change in two weeks?

“Are you alive?” She snapped her fingers in my face.

I blinked. “Um… sorry. I completely spaced. Start over?”

Her lips quirked. “And I think I have issues.” She turned back to her computer and started over, oblivious to how badly I wanted to lean over and kiss her ear, perfectly framed by all that hair.

But I couldn’t. She didn’t like me like that. She wanted to puke after that first kiss, too, and the second one probably scared her off permanently. And once she found out I was using her like a lab rat to get into Rainier, I wouldn’t even have a chance to apologize. She’d disown me even as a friend.

But I just really want to kiss her. 

So, I’m pretty concerned about writing from a guy POV, since, obviously, I’m not a guy. And he probably sounds a lot like a nineteen-year-old girl. That’s what editing’s for, right? Good times. Okay, homework! Adios!

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