Of a Writerly Sort is on the F-Word

And by F-word I mean Facebook! I can’t believe your mind even went there.

I’m sorry. I just wanted the opportunity to write “F-word” in a post title, because I’m mentally two years old and it makes me giggle. Yeah. Like I said. I’m mentally two years old.

Who wants to be the first one to like me?! I mean, I know you already like me, but it’s not official until it’s Facebook official. And now I’m going to stop being a retard and try out being mature.

I feel like I have my bases covered now:

FacebookTwitterWattpadFigment. And, of course, WordPress! I’M TAKING OVER THE UNIVERSE BY FIRST TAKING OVER THE INTERNETS.

In writing news, I’ve still done absolutely nothing out of class, but I had a mipiphany (aka, mini epiphany) in class today, so I possibly know what I’m going to do with a story idea I’ve been ruminating on. Possibly. It seems like a good idea, but I’ll have to actually start writing it before I know if it’ll work.

I’m currently reading HEIST SOCIETY by Ally Carter, which is about cool teenage thieves, and after that I’m starting on JOSIE GRIFFIN IS NOT A VAMPIRE. Anybody read either of those?

As one of my university writing courses has a heavy emphasis on writing book reviews, I might have to start reviewing the books I read. You’ve been forewarned!

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