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Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Ladies and gents, I’ve made a decision.

The other day, I was reading a book whose title I’ve forgotten. I like to sit between the rows in the library at my school and read random books, and this one was about student artists. I forget the exact wording, but there was a paragraph that went something like, “There are two kinds of students. One says ‘Ugh, I was so busy doing this and this that I didn’t have time to do anything drawing/painting/sculpting/(writing!) today.’ And the other says ‘Wow, today was a great day! I had plenty of time to do the things I love.'”

That’s a bit of an exaggeration, obviously, that whole idea of “plenty of time.” But it gave me a firm slap across the brain. How many times do I complain that I don’t have enough time to get anything done? I’ll tell you: a lot.

And while I’m by no means demeaning my legitimate time-suckers, like classes, homework, and family time, I do think I need to take my writing more seriously. If I want to be a writer, then writing should be as important to me as the other things.

So what was my decision?

I’m pulling out a classic. Quite some time ago, I told a lot of people I was going to finish writing and revising Summer Rush’s sequel, California Girl. And then I didn’t, because I was lazy and had OOOHH SHINY NEW STORY syndrome.

Honestly, I have no idea what I’m going to do with Summer Rush and California Girl anymore, but I do want to finish the duo, and I want to keep my promise. That’s what I’m going to do. Finish CG.

No more being lazy. No more OSNS-ing. No more complaining that I don’t have time. I’m going to do it. I’m going to take this seriously.

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