Like Free Stories?

In a way that feels ostentatious (I always feel that way when talking about myself or my stories), I announce that CALIFORNIA GIRL’s chapter one has been posted on Wattpad and Figment.

After a very long wait.

After much laziness on my part.

Normally, I don’t like to brag. But today’s Writer’s Market class was about marketing your book and standing behind your work. So, here’s what I’m gonna say:


Summer Rush. (the first Lincoln novel)

California Girl on Figment. California Girl on Wattpad. (the second Lincoln novel).

I’ll be posting a fresh chapter of CG at regular intervals, although I haven’t decided what interval, yet. It depends on how fast I finish the last couple of chapters.

I keep looking back at the word dadgumit. I like it. I’ll probably use it a lot more often. Before my mind wanders any farther, I shall take my leave. I have to finish my homework before eleven so I can get Subway on my way home. I love their turkey sandwiches.

Point of this post being… go read! I promise you, if you like contemporary, humorous stories and characters who like chocolate and good jokes, you’ll enjoy these books.

(If you like bloody sacrifice and cool weapons, I’ll have a story you can enjoy very soon!).

4 thoughts on “Like Free Stories?

      1. Loved it! Read it in a day – I was hooked. I was a little upset with Lexus at the very end because I loved Rush so much, but I have a feeling my thoughts will change in the sequel 🙂 Great story!

        Summer Rush is now on my list of books I’ve read in 2013, by the way!

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