When Good Riding Instruction Becomes Great

So, I know this blog is mainly about writing, but this can apply to writing coaches, too! The horse world has lots to offer every discipline.

Horse Listening

lesson 2.

Some people say that a coach can do only so much.

The argument goes like this: after a certain point, there is only so much a riding instructor can say to change a rider’s skills. Most of the results come from the rider. After all – if the rider chooses not to (or simply cannot) do what the instructor says, then how much can one person do?

Although it is true that most riders go through difficult learning moments at some point in their riding career, and they might be faced with frustration in a different way than in other sports simply due to the nature of riding a horse, it cannot be said that across the board, riders don’t want to put in the effort it takes to improve.

Most of us are riding because of our lifelong passion for horses. Most of us want to serve our…

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