I am this close to finishing my WIP. This close.

Nine times out of ten, my novels are between ten thousand and twenty thousand words longer than I anticipated. This little gem is no different. I’m plodding towards the ending and flirting with the 90,000 word mark. That’s not horrible for a sci-fi/fantasy, but it’s one of my longer projects to date.

The problem is that I feel like I hit the climax ten thousand words ago, and I should be wrapping up, but technically the climax hasn’t even arrived yet. I may or may not have to chop out thirty thousand-ish words during rewriting.

And also, while I’m venting, I hate my MC. Both of them. They’re annoying the crap out of me, and I kind of want to… welll… dispose of them. I still might.

And on that cheery note, how’s writing going for y’all?

One thought on “Finishing

  1. I’m in the midst of trying to plan two different novels. Well, technically four novels, as one set is a trilogy and I don’t want to start writing the first one until I have some idea what’s going to happen in the other two. I was hoping to have an outline ready for Camp NaNo, but that’s 10 days away, and so far I don’t have very much to go on. This could be interesting.

    Good luck with yours! Try not to do anything too horrible to your characters. 🙂

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