I Want to Live in a Library

There are seventeen days until I move back on campus to good old Austin Peay, and I’m trying to figure out what books to take with me. A little while ago I bought a new bookshelf to lighten the load on the old one, and somehow this new one is already filled. I don’t know how that happened.

My bedroom is being repurposed since my sister and I are both moving out this time, so sadly I can’t leave my bookshelf intact until I get back. Most likely I’ll be boxing up books to go into storage. I’m already looking forward to the excitement of unpacking them after graduation, but in the meantime, I have to figure out what I can do without for the next nine months.

I have to keep all my SPEAK books, I know that. Eon and Eona are always keepers. But my giant collection of horse manuals and writerly books… I like to have them nearby, but I’ve read them all, so… so… so many decisions to make.

One day, when I have a room of my own, I’m going to put an air mattress in the middle and line all the walls with bookshelves. I’ll never have to choose one book over the other ever again.

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