I Joined Hexbound

I joined it because Ramisa brought it to my attention and it looks like Inkpop! You can read a little about Hexbound’s journey here. I haven’t posted any stories or anything yet, since I’ve barely had time to breathe and each chocolate muffins (my school’s convenience store now has Otis Spunkmeyer double chocolate muffins. I am ecstatic).

But I’m excited nonetheless just to look around and feel the place out. I know at least a few former Inkies have crossed over, so fingers crossed I’ll find some of my old friends.

I don’t want anyone to get the idea that I hate any of the various other sites I’ve joined. They all have their merits and I’ve actually enjoyed them. But something I’ve always wanted from a writerly site is a strong sense of community, and I have never joined a site that had a sense of community as tightly knit but welcoming as Inkpop did.

Sure, we had our bad apples, but it was a great group of writers who wanted to hone their craft and encourage the writers around them. I loved my Inkies.

But anyway. I’m going to try not to get romantical about it. Suffice to say, I’m super excited about Hexbound and if I like it enough, I may close down my accounts on other writing sites and just focus on the one.

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