Stop Giving Advice To Teen Writers

I love this girl! She knows what she’s talking about.

Miriam Joy Writes

Let’s talk about teen writers.

Let’s talk about the proliferation of advice for teens who write that has come with the realisation that we actually exist, thanks to the internet.

Let’s talk about a fundamental thing they get wrong.

Every piece of advice I’ve read for teen writers has made some good points, but done it in such a condescending and patronising way that I’ve refused to acknowledge it simply as a matter of principle. Many of the articles are written by authors with little interest in teenagers, but even when it’s by YA authors, it fails to take a few things into account.

They’re invariably aimed at teen writers, specifically targeting those who haven’t reached some arbitrary age after which they magically evolve into adults. And there are some things they say that just anger me beyond comprehension.

“Your writing sucks.”

This is important to realise, okay? All of…

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