10 Bad Excuses for Not Writing

10. My cat is blocking my keyboard.

9. You see, I’m eating this cheese dip, so it would be really messy if I tried to write, too.

8. My sweater sleeves are so long that my fingers can’t reach past them to the keyboard/pencil.

7. My house is super messy, so I have to clean it up first. Like, all of it. Even the crawl space.

6. My favorite show is having a marathon on TV. Yeah, all the episodes are on Netflix, but it’s not the same.

5. If I was writing, how could I be on Facebook?

4. I need to post on my blog about tips on finding more time to write.

3. I have the sniffles, and I don’t want to contaminate my computer.

2. It’s Thanksgiving! I mean, it was Thanksgiving a month ago, but I’m still on holiday.

1. I can’t find the time!

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