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Why Skipping Isn’t Always Bad

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I have four hour-and-a-half classes back to back. This past Tuesday, I skipped three of them. I wasn’t feeling well, it was gross and rainy outside, and it was just one of those days.

Normally I’d be the last one to skip class. Being where I need to be on time is a serious compulsion for me. But skipping class yesterday was the best decision I’ve made all week. Yes, it’s only Wednesday, but hear me out.

Yesterday I barely got out of bed, but instead of sleeping, I read. I read Jane Austen’s Persuasion, which we’ll be going over for the next week in one of my classes. I read most of Iola Leroy, which I was supposed to read over the next week for another class. I read a big chunk of Bad Boy, which I don’t even have to start reading for class until next week. In terms of reading for the rest of the week, all I have to do is review before going to class.

All the pressure has been removed for the rest of the week, and instead of trying to catch up this weekend, I’ll be able to get ahead.

The concept of a well-engineered “skip day” easily translates to the writer’s life. I don’t have a prayer of writing every day while I’m school, not without losing more sleep than I’m inclined to give up. And a lot of the time, when I finally have time to write, the old idea factory is out of commission.

Sometimes, that’s okay.

If I’d spent yesterday lying in bed whining woe is me, I’m sick and useless, I’d hate myself today, AND I’d have a ton of work to catch up on. For those days when you just can’t get done what you’re supposed to get done, change your itinerary. I couldn’t be in class, but I did my class work and then some. If you can’t crank out your chapter, plot out tomorrow’s chapter, or research the hot air balloon you know will play a part in your grand finale.

The only wasted days are the days you let go to waste!

One thought on “Why Skipping Isn’t Always Bad

  1. Great post! I definitely need the reminder that it’s okay to skip some writing days! I missed my word count Tuesday since I was horribly stuck on my WIP, and yesterday I was avoiding it. So instead, I’ve been catching up on my fanfiction ideas I haven’t written, but I’ve still been feeling guilty for not writing enough/not working on the WIP. Thanks for the reminder that I can skip writing days without the writing police coming to get me. 🙂
    ~ Kayla

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