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Return of the Graduate Student

I find it highly appropriate I return to my blog around NaNo-time, which is about the time I disappeared last year.

Hello. I’m Julie/Gabby/Gabrielle, in case you have entirely forgotten me.

In lieu of the usual apologies and excuses, I’m going to talk about graduate school. Right now (and for the next year and a half) I’m attending Hollins University’s Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing program, which means I’m writing my arse off, perpetually poor, and really having the time of my life. If you must be 22, can I suggest you do it in an itty bitty town, taking care of horses for a living, and being surrounded by super cool student writers?

No, I can’t suggest that? That’s just my life? Okay.


I’m writing a novel. There’s nothing surprising about that, I know, but it feels new and strange. I wrote nothing but poetry this past summer, and even that in small amounts. I decided going into the summer months that I was going to ride horses and nothing else, and that’s what I did.

The good thing about working six and seven days a week in multiple stables is that you don’t notice time passing because you barely have time to sleep. That’s also the bad thing about it, because before you know it, months have gone by and you’ve forgotten that you are also a writer.

Being back in school is reminding me of that fact. I’m writing a novel for a class. I’m writing themed short stories for another class. I’m reading Moby Dick and Atmospheric Disturbances and Ida for my third and final class. The amount of words could smother a person, but that would be a delightful way to go. I think. I hope.

How are you, dearest people? Am I even allowed back into blogging world after being MIA this long?

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