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The Big Book of Exit Strategies and A Poetry Renewal

With the exception of two random midnight inspirations, I haven’t written poetry since last summer, and most of last summer’s poetry was jumbled, incoherent overpoetical ramblings about how many late nights I spent at the barn during thunderstorms. I have many, many thunder and lightning poems because of those nights; I love the memories, but… Continue reading The Big Book of Exit Strategies and A Poetry Renewal

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Book Learning Podcast Episode Four (Plus JulNoWriMo Day 9)

It’s that time again, folks! Stephanie and I have recorded podcast episode four, and in this episode we talk about rules for writers. Stephanie found Ten Rules For Writing Fiction, which was inspired by Elmore Leonard’s book 10 Rules for Writing. In the post, several writers talk about their personal ten rules, and in the… Continue reading Book Learning Podcast Episode Four (Plus JulNoWriMo Day 9)


Oh My Goodness

I’m really having trouble posting regularly, aren’t I? I’m a horrible blogger, a horrible, horrible blogger. This month has been a little hectic, especially lately what with finals coming up and everything. I’ve turned in my portfolio for Creative Writing class, and next week is the class reading. I have to find something to read in… Continue reading Oh My Goodness

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When The Words Won’t Stop

When I’m writing, specifically, when I’m writing Summer Rush, I aim to make my chapters between the lengths of 2500 and 3300 words. Sometimes, it works. Sometimes, it doesn’t. Today, for instance. I’m rewriting chapter five to facilitate the untimely demise of Brett, adding a new character, and rearranging the structure of the scenes. Every… Continue reading When The Words Won’t Stop