Summer Rush

Genre: Contemporary, Humor

Lexus Breckerson has to “behave herself” this summer if she wants to stay out of boarding school, but her arch-nemesis, Rush Santorini, isn’t going to make it easy.

Lexi Breckerson’s perfect world has three things: chocolate, the father who’s given her everything since her mom died in a car crash thirteen years ago, and gymnastics. Determined to win nationals for the first time, Lexi throws herself into her training, but when her hard work only leads to anxiety and poor grades her father threatens to send her to a boarding school clearly modeled after Alcatraz. Either she proves she’s still in charge of her life or she becomes an inmate.

With summer comes the annual visit of Rush Santorini, Lexi’s archrival since birth. Rush and Lexi have always battled for the title of favorite child, but this year it looks like he’s winning. Lexi’s friends are more interested in Rush than her, and even her father’s coming down on her like never before. Her life pretty much sucks, and not even Rush’s occasional softer moments, like apologies in the form of chocolate muffins, are going to make her forgive him. Unfortunately, they’re spending so much time together that she’s getting to know a side of him that’s slightly less annoying, and maybe even sweet.

But old habits die hard, and when a routine argument ends in an accident that almost takes Rush’s life, Lexi blames herself. Then her father confronts her with the truth about who was responsible for her mother and Rush’s father’s death thirteen years ago, and Lexi’s forced to make a choice. Can she face giving up everything if it means protecting the boy she’s come to love?

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20 thoughts on “Summer Rush

  1. I read your book on inkpop and I have to say that it’s pretty freaking amazing! I commend you for your great writing skills and awesome portrayal of your characters:) I really can’t wait to read California Girls! When will you be adding it to your website or is their some other way I can read it? If I have to wait a millennium, so be it!

    1. Thank you so much! It makes my day to hear that somebody enjoyed my writing. In all likelihood, I’ll post California Girl here on my blog once I get it past its atrocious first draft stage. I’m planning to start revising it in late January or early February, so hopefully you won’t have to wait a millennium! I’ll be posting updates on its progress, so you should know when it’s done.

  2. This was amazing. I too read it on inkpop and I really hope you get this published and all goes well. it would be amazing and it would be such a huge hit. The people that don’t know of inkpop and your other sites, if on them, are missing out. For real. I can’t wait to read California Girl. I literally NEED it and its crazy, but I loved this story so much. Inkpop has amazing talent and the world is missing out, seriously people like you need to really get published. Good luck! and let me know when you upload California Girl. I definitely want to know so I can read it. Thanks!

    1. Thank you so much! Discovering Inkpop was one of the happiest days of my writing career, and I’ve read a ton of books on there that made me deliriously happy. I’m ecstatic that Summer Rush could give you even a fraction of that feeling. As soon as I have California Girl posted here or anywhere, I’ll let you know!

      1. Thanks! And yes please publish it soon. I know your trying but I would love to buy it and then curl up on the porch and read it again and again.

  3. I love this book sooooo much!! it’s 10 times better then the last 20 books i’ve bought from the store. I can’t wait for California girls. I need Lex to realize how amazing Rush is. I just love Rush. So freaking much. Oh my goodness.
    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful writing!!

  4. Hey! I stumbled across this blog while googling inkpop updates and read the first chapter of Summer Rush. I didn’t discover it until literally 10 minutes ago, so I was looking for an update. Are you trying to publish? Have you self-published? Is there anywhere online that I can read it? It first chapter was very funny and I look forward to reading more 🙂

    1. Hey Brittany. I’m not posting Summer Rush online anywhere, but I went to your blog and read Cupid’s Lament and it was so awesome and hilarious that I decided that if you want to read the rest of SR, I’ll email it to you. Just shoot me an email with the email on my Let’s Talk page, and I’ll send it!

  5. Hey! I read your book a while ago, I think last year, also on Inkpop. Sadly though, Inkpop is no more 😦 And I can’t wrap my head around Figment, can’t really explain why. I really enjoyed your story so I wanted to re-read it, do you have it online anywhere or is there no possibilty of reading it again?
    Thanks in advance 😉

    1. Hey Felicia. I don’t have Summer Rush up online anymore because I’m querying (or supposed to be!). But if you email me (thatgirlgabrielle @ live . com), I can send you a PDF of it to read. Anything for a fellow Inkie 🙂

      1. thanks again for the e-mail 🙂 it was great to read it again, still an awesome story, I hope CG is going to be out somewhere, somehow, soon; but you seem to be a perfectionist, which is a good thing! so i’m not getting my hopes up that it’ll be out soon. Either way I’m looking forward to reading the sequel! Great work 🙂

  6. Hey! Oh wow, I’m so glad I sudden;y remembered Summer Rush – I seriously just googled 10 different combinations of ‘lexi + rush + inkpop.’ I first read your book on inkpop; I don’t think you remember, but we were doing swaps (Silence of the Angels for Summer Rush.) Anyway, your blog is pretty cool. Is it possible to read Summer Rush somewhere online? Because that would be brilliant.

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