What People Are Saying

I love this story! 😀 Usually I’m not entirely too into teen romances, but this is soooo good. I love your characters, Rush especially, and I’ll get to that in a second. First of all, your writing style is awesome. Simplistic but scenic and it puts the reader right in there with the characters, watching it unfold. The flow and the description is awesome and in my opinion the dialogue couldn’t be better. Banter is awesome, and there’s a ton of it in here! 😀 Now, onto the characters! 😀 Rush is my favorite, so I’ll start with him 😀 I love his name. It’s awesome. I’m not sure if you intended for him to be named after the band, but it works so well! 😀 His personality, description, and characteristics definitely make him a great, well-rounded character. I feel for Lexus sometimes – at some points, he annoys me too, but that just makes it all the better! 😀 Now on for Lex. She’s great too. I can see that she’s generally a really nice person and she points out her flaws and she’s another example of a realistic character. She’s also very funny, in a very witty way 😀 I like Maya and Lex’s dad and Tasha, too 😀 As for the plot, I love it. It’s unique. Awesome work! – Ann

Summer Rush is pure brilliance! – memegpop

Just finished re-reading for the second–third?–time, and I continue to LOVE this story! – bdancer13

Dear Gabby, (hopefully I can call you that), the minute this book is published, traditionally or self, I require you to contact me. Immediately. No excuses will be accepted. I’m going to make my parents buy it whether they like it or not. I LOVE the story of Lexus and Rush, and I want a paperback copy. Like, now. Your biggest (possibly shortest) fan, — Remy

Major love for this book, and I mean major. I actually stayed up all last night reading it. (You deserve a medal) – Sophie

This is AMAZING! And FANTASTIC! And FABULOUS! And excuse my French but OH MY ***** GOD TOTAL COMPLETE UTTER ADORATION! I’ve never loved Rush so much. I’ve never loved Lexi so much. I’ve never loved James so much. And I’ve never wanted my own Rush so darn much!!! I love you and your writing and as soon as this is a book it is to be bought no matter how poor I may be. – Cherry

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!! BEST. START. TO. A. STORY. EVER. No joke! The pro/con list is genius… and I have now agreed with her: ANNOYING PEOPLE BELONG IN CLOSETS!! Unfortunately my brother is out of state so I can’t duct tape him and shove him in the pantry 😦 – Whylime

I love this book sooooo much!! it’s 10 times better then the last 20 books i’ve bought from the store. I can’t wait for California girls. I need Lex to realize how amazing Rush is. I just love Rush. So freaking much. Oh my goodness. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful writing!! – Lizzie

This was amazing. I too read it on inkpop and I really hope you get this published and all goes well. It would be amazing and it would be such a huge hit… I can’t wait to read California Girl. I literally NEED it and it’s crazy, but I loved this story so much. Seriously people like you need to really get published. Good luck! – Jane

I read your book on inkpop and I have to say that it’s pretty freaking amazing! I commend you for your great writing skills and awesome portrayal of your characters:) I really can’t wait to read California Girls! – Cathy

2 thoughts on “What People Are Saying

  1. I remember reading Summer Rush like 2 or 3 years ago on Inkpop and I thought it was absolutely well written with just the right amount of humor and romance and heartache. This past week, I remembered how much I enjoyed and decided I wanted to reread it because it was that good! Usually I don’t read something a second time unless it really made me laugh and cry. Summer Rush did all those things and I’m ready to feel that way again when I immerse myself in it. I’m so excited just like I was when I learned that you had a sequel coming out! Just keep writing with the passion that you have and know that you have some really dedicated readers out there:) I really can’t wait to read California girls too, so keep posting on Figment and Wattpad and don’t let us wait too long!

  2. Oh my, this made me smile ❤ I can't believe my review is up there; thank you! And even to date, it remains relevant: I am still one of biggest (yet shortest) fan. Downloading Summer Rush to reread ❤

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