Next Full Moon

Eighteen-year-old Aura Birkenstock and her wolf-dog, Gotcha, were the most sought after vampire hunters on the East coast – but then the Vampire Protection Act went through. Now jobless and penniless, Aura thinks she’s hit pay-dirt when Gold Trinity, the future alpha of the Trinity werewolf pack, hires her to take out the Arson bloodline vamps on the down low. The job loses its charm when her first kill sparks a war that could wipe out the whole city.

Defending the town means going toe to toe with Kindle, a powerful vamp with an unsettling addiction to Aura’s blood, and his father, Arson himself. It also means working side by side with Gold, who somehow manages to get closer to Aura than she’s ever let anybody get before.

As tension mounts and the body count rises, Aura discovers the only way to end the vampire-werewolf feud is to find Farren, Gold’s older brother who disappeared seventeen years ago. The Trinity’s think Arson did it. Aura isn’t so sure. But she only has until the next full moon to find him, because then the werewolf pack reaches full strength. If the Trinity’s and Arsons throw down, nobody’s getting out alive.

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3 thoughts on “Next Full Moon

  1. I just randomly decided to have a look to see if you had updated (because i don’t have wattpad) and you had! I was so happy 😀 Aura is one of my favourite characters, shes like up there with Katniss Everdeen,heh. Will you be posting the full book on wattpad?

    1. I’m so glad you like Aura 🙂 She’s one of my top favorite characters. I’ll have the whole book posted as soon as I get a minute to sit down and upload it all. I’ll try to have it up before the weekend!

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