The Shattered Girl

Grand Staff, Maine may be small, but it is home to famous classical composers and performers, particularly Antonia Ven, the tragically orphaned piano prodigy. The village matrons have 17yo Antonia’s life planned out from today’s breakfast to her wedding day. Similarly orphaned Max Locke, son of a world famous piano craftsman, is not so lucky. Obnoxious and bitter, Max doesn’t do much other than covet the violet piano, a piano his father built and gave to Antonia’s father, who then left it to Antonia.

When a deal a la Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice, with the violet piano as surety, binds Max and Antonia together, they find they have inherited their fathers’ ability to make incredible music together. Their tentative partnership is complicated by Antonia’s grief over losing her parents, her rocky relationship with her guardian – an alcoholic aunt – and the sky high expectations of the village. Max’s secrets, from the disappearance of his mother to his empty refrigerator, threaten to consume him altogether.

As their deal’s due day draws near and the violet piano floats just out of Max’s reach, he and Antonia, haunted by the ghosts of their parents, will either forge a hopeful future together or succumb to their obsessions with the past.

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