Work(s) In Progress


Lissy Kale is smart, funny, and, oh yeah, completely terrified of people. But when her bossy BFF dares her into a date with serial dater Braxton Wade, Lissy’s read enough romance novels to know how it works out. Except when she and Braxton kiss, it sends them both running for mouthwash.

Lissy and Braxton would rather watch Disney movies and talk photography than make out, and when they come clean to one another they decide to turn the tables and become such a horrible couple that their friends will beg them to break up.

A few weeks of non-stop Lissy-time have Braxton noticing all the cute things about her, so much so that even if their friends beg, he might not want to break up with her, while the oblivious Lissy struggles to deal with her sociophobia and the stupid bubbly feelings she gets around Braxton’s best friend August, even as her friendship with her BFF crumbles.

Lisandra and Braxton started all of this as a joke. They never really thought about how it would end.

2 thoughts on “Work(s) In Progress

  1. So California Girl is the follow up to Summer Rush? Will there be an option for us to read it when it’s completed? I’m anxious to know how their story ends! 🙂

    1. I’m not sure yet, Brittany. It’s going to be a pretty big editing job, but if my CP keeps after me to get it done, it should be edited within the next month or two. After that, I’ll probably post it somewhere, either on Wattpad, Figment, or here.

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